Lightner Museum Curator’s October Tour: Frozen Lightner

Lightner Museum Curator’s  October Tour:  Frozen Lightner
September 29, 2015

Lightner Museum Curator Barry Myers conducts monthly tours featuring unique and special treasures of the Museum.  The tours are the first Wednesday of each month at 10am and offer guests an intimate encounter with a select few of the Lightner's eclectic relics.

October’s Curator’s Tour is not a sequel to Disney’s latest hit movie.  Frozen Lightner will instead focus on sculpted masterpieces spread throughout the museum’s vast three floors and courtyards.  Mr. Myers will discuss variances in theme, artistry and materials while giving an in-depth background and history to the sculptures.

Tours are included in the price of admission and will begin in the front lobby of the Museum at 10am the first Wednesday of each month.  Admission is free for St. Johns County residents with valid identification.

An opportunity to meet Mr. Myers, along with an interactive tour, gives local residents and tourists alike an opportunity to learn the history of the building and to explore more deeply the Museum’s collections.

Donations are appreciated and will be accepted after the tour.

The Lightner Museum is a non-profit cultural institution sustained by the generous support of individuals, businesses and sponsors.