About The St. Johns Cultural Council

Our Mission

The mission of the Cultural Council is to support local artists and cultural organizations and to ensure that the lives of both residents and visitors are enriched through art, culture, history, and heritage.

History & Programming

The St. Johns Cultural Council was established in July of 2000 and was designated as the official local arts agency by the St. Johns County Board of Commissioners in 2007.

We provide weekly arts, culture, and heritage e-newsletters that are electronically distributed to over 6,000 people. Our website, Historic Coast Culture, provides cultural resources to visitors of St. Johns County. The Dance Company, The St. Augustine Beach Art Studio & Gallery and other community based organizations make daily use of our Cultural Center at St. Augustine Beach by offering weekly artistic and movement classes to hundreds of residents and visitors.

The St. Johns Cultural Council is proud to support the development of arts institutions, community arts partners, cultural programs and activities and audiences within St. Johns County. Our professional development programs assist local artists and art organizations in obtaining grants and building capacity to help them develop, market, and promote local programs and events.